Ambulance work in Liberia is a Busy and Lonely Business- NY Times.   Journalist Ben Solomon shadows Liberian Ambulance Nurse Gordon Kamara for 3 wks..
American Nurse Placed in Inappropriate Quarantine Released - the Guardian.  Asymptomatic MSF RN Kaci Hickox was diverted into forced quarantine in NJ, while on her way home from deployment in Sierra Leone.

Militarizing Global Health - Boston Review.  Excellent discussion of efficiency and use of military resources vs NGOs to address health crises

In Liberia, Ebola Survivors Find They Have SuperPowers -Bloomberg

Saving Lives without New Drugs - Science Magazine

We are Not Afraid

International Mutual Aid

​ebola links


Ebola in Freetown - A Case Study of 581 Patients in Freetown Sierra Leone, NEJM - 68.5% survival rate reported at Hasting Police Training School, which opened near Freetown in Sept 2014

Ebola Virus Disease: Clinical Care and Patient-Centered Research, the Lancet - argues against clinical nihilism, discounts the "no proven therapies for EVD" view, and advocates using known therapies such as IV rehydration and electrolyte replacement for fluid losses in EVD patients.

Clinical Illness and Outcomes in Patients with Ebola in Sierra Leone - Nov 2014.  study of 106 patients in Kenema

The Lancet Ebola Resource Center - a host of in depth articles from a leading medical journal

Doing Today's Work Superbly Well - Treating Ebola with Current Tools - New England Journal of Medicine

Persistent Immune Responses after Ebola Infection -New England Journal of Medicine

Ebola Control: Effect of Asymptomatic Infection and Acquired Immunity - the Lancet

Possible Natural Immunity to Ebola? - Institut de recherche pour le developpement

Ebola Doctor Reveals how Infected Americans were Cured -Scientific American.  Dr Ribner discusses treatment of Dr Brantley and Nancy Writebol, and his thoughts on survivor immunity

Clinical Presentation of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease in Conakry, Guinea, New England Journal of Medicine.  Doctors in Conakry achieve a 43% mortality rate using supportive care

The Founding of Liberia - US Department of State Office of the Historian article


Doctors without Borders - as of Oct, providing the majority of internationally-run ebola treatment center beds in West Africa

IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Last Mile Health - A Liberian NGO founded to train Liberians to provide primary healthcare in rural areas

Wellbody Alliance - a Sierra Leone NGO which provides medical treatment and community health workers

Partners in Health Ebola Response Page

World Health Organization Ebola page - factsheets, press releases, sitreps, and more

UN Global Ebola Response page - response information, news, data, links.

CDC Ebola Virus Disease page - Ebola facts, outbreak history, information for clinicians


Ebola Virus Info on Facebook - International Ebola Virus crowdsourced information resource and community. Trusted, interactive and timely.

Ebola Social Media Coalition on Facebook - This group is for Social Media for Emergency Management (SMEM) contributors and managers. We are committed to providing thought leadership, coordination, and communication amongst those covering the immediate and ongoing public health issues regarding Ebola.

Cedric Moro's- OpenStreet map of Ebola cases and ETUs

Humanitarian Date Exchange Ebola page - large variety of statistics and graphs on the current Ebola outbreak

Virology Down Under Blog - good selection of Ebola maps, graphs, stats, and scholarly stories