Sierra Leone's Health Status at a Glance: UNICEF, 2013 Data

Under-Five Mortality Rate:                 182/1000, Highest in the World

Life Expectancy:                                  45 years, Lowest in the World

People Living on < $1.25/day:            52% of the population

Ebola Cases as of Mar 2015:             > 11,750 cases

Healthcare Worker Ebola Deaths:      >200  Healthcare Providers

Surviving Surgeons:                           8 surgeons, 1 of whom is <60 

d                                                                                            years old


Aberdeen Fishing Community, quarantined in February after several fishermen arrived in port ill with Ebola.  During our interludes in Freetown, IMA is assisting a local group of schoolteachers to establish an orphanage for Aberdeen street children.

Sierra Leone Landscape

​International Mutual Aid was founded to help address the shortage of International Medical Response by sending a team to Sierra Leone to provide direct patient care.  IMA will remain after the peak of the epidemic has passed, to assist with post-Ebola recovery and rebuilding local healthcare systems.

International Mutual Aid

IMA's team of Local and Expat Clinicians in Gbamandu, Kono, Sierra Leone

- IMA's first team has completed their deployment to Kono District, Sierra Leone.

- IMA has formed a partnership with a Local NGO, Kono Eastern Community Development Association(KECDA)

- IMA is planning our next team's 2015 deployment for continued work in Soa Chiefdom, Kono District.

Nurse Elizabeth with a purchase of formula.  Elizabeth worked throughout the epidemic as head provider for the 3000 people in her rural section, and has yet to receive any wages.  IMA is subsidizing infant formula, and teaming up with UNICEF to provide nutritional assistance to malnourished children seen at Elizabeth's clinic

As the Ebola Epidemic Ends, Sierra Leone - one of the World's Poorest Nations - Remains in Urgent Need of Healthcare and Development Assistance.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was described by the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) on October 13, 2014 as   “unquestionably the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times”

Treating patients with significant illnesses and injuries, which have gone untreated due to the Ebola epidemic, and inability to afford care

Building relationships of trust, providing community health education, and offering local leadership technical development advice

Village kids

Ebola surveillance, case investigation, contact tracing, mobile medical support of quarantined populations in our catchment area, and immediate initiation of field treatment for suspect EVD cases 


International Mutual Aid is a nonprofit organization started by a group of medical professionals.  We are coordinating with local and International governments, WHO, and involved Non Government Organizations (NGOs) to provide direct medical care and community development in West Africa.

CDC Pre-Deployment Ebola Responders' Training

Evaluating the dam site for a gravity-fed drinking water system- which was destroyed during the war- for potential repair or replacement.

Residents Of Gbamandu, Kono, Sierra Leone.

We are Not Afraid